Sites for Learning Photography as a Beginner

These are not a list of the only sites you should visit for advice, knowledge, or tips on photography. There are hundreds of them out there.

These first ones are just the top three I think give you the most knowledge back for your time spent on them.

Bonus is they are all free!

OK, I will say that this one of the best places to get started at. Besides the articles there is a great community forum where you can get feed back, show images and even participate in a weekly contest to give you ideas on things to shoot. I would suggest you start here: Digital Photography Tips for Beginners.

I will attest, Steve’s Academy site gives a great quick read on many fundamentals. It’s not so much fine grain like a textbook that will bore you away from learning but it’s more than a quick gloss over you find on many forums or blogs.

Who better to learn from than other users of your gear!

If you find that you are wanting more here are a few links that will also be beneficial to check out:
Smashing Magazine’s 50 Free Resources That Will Improve Your Photography Skills
Thomas Hawk Digital Connection 10 Tips for the New Digital SLR Photographer
All Things Photography’s Beginning Digital Photography – From Point and Shoots Cameras to Digital SLRs

If you are a Canon User like me and if you are on a budget like me!
The Wirecutter’s The First Canon Lenses You Should Buy

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