Ronald McDonald House (2013.01.15)

Ronald McDonald House, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Photos of volunteers making spaghetti dinner at the Milwaukee Ronald McDonald House by Children Hospital.

This was my first “On Site” volunteer photography work for my work’s Community Involvement Volunteer Program. The photo are to be used for “Success Stories” about the volunteers in company for news letters.

I was still getting use to bouncing on camera flash and it didn’t help the ceilings on the second floor of the building where this dinner was. Also the areas was tight with two little kitchens that had shiny tile that reflected everything in them.

As you can tell form the quality of the photos I was a bit nervous taking them and honestly I think they are bad even though they are still usable for what they are intended for.

Not sure why I was so nervous but it was probably because these where complete strangers and it felt like I was working a real photo job. Also there was not much activity to shoot too so I stood around a bit trying to figure out what I could shoot for “Action shots”.

Anyways this was my first Volunteer Photo work and you will see in a later post of another Volunteer job I did the pictures are improved and I can say I was not nervous working around the people to get shots like I was here!

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