Hunger Task Force


Hunger Task Force, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Photos of volunteers sorting donated food for the Hunger Task Force Eastern Wisconsin and Milwaukee.

Third volunteer photo shoot and honestly I didn’t have the nervousness I had with the previous two.

I felt pretty comfortable moving around the group of volunteers as they worked taking pictures and even felt comfortable trying to get some more creative shots when aiming my lens down the conveyor line.

I am a bit upset at how one of the two group shots turned out where the left side was a lot darker than I wanted even when trying to bounce my flash in that direction to balance the light levels. I did my best in post process to make the image better.

In the end though I am very pleased with how all the shots turned out when using my flash in almost every shot. I must give credit to whom ever pointed me to Neil van Niekerk‘s site because I used Neil’s Black Foamy Thing Idea on my flash to help bounce and direct the light but not blind people that I was close to in the tighter quarters of the work area.

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