YouTube Channels for Learning Photography

In a previous post I talked about a few website to go online to learn more about photography. This week I wanted to give you a list of a few YouTube channels that I and others feel are ones you may want to subscribe to for free learning.

As it’s YouTube description says, “The most subscribed and viewed photography show on the interweb, presented by an Asian dude with British accent.”

This channel is one of the funniest and yet informative photography channels on YouTube  I will warn you right away if you are or have any prudishness in you then skip this channel. Kai Wong, Lok C and Alamby  their team do a great job at keeping each episode informative without stuffing your head full of tech jargon. They have gear reviews, photography ideas and shooting techniques done often with a lot of humor to the point they may seem to get off track from time to time but it’s normal for them and it does keep their videos form getting stale over time.

Adorama TV
Being one of the largest consumer electronics retailers for camera gear they have made this channel to help you the consumer with how-to articles, buying guides and gear reviews. They cover not just shooting but also post processing techniques as well.

B&H Photo Video
Just ask any serious Pro and they will tell you about the “Disney Land of Photo” that the B&H store in NYC is. To extend their support of the photographer they have this channel that show photography and post processing tips, gear reviews, and workshop lectures from guest speakers at their NYC store.

Great Photography Tips
Karl Taylor brings his 15 years of professional photography skills into his videos. I find his photography tips informative for new photographers.

There are many others out there as well. Just do a search for “Learn photography” and you will see loads of videos. I just happen to watch these channels more regularly than others.

Thank you for stopping by to read this!


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