Five Photography Sites You May Want To Follow

There are many places on the internet to get your photography related news and information. So much so that it can be a bit overwhelming to any one just getting into photography.

Here is a list of Five sites you may want to start following as they have great information that will stay with you as you progress in photography:

Scott Kelby’s Site – Like him or not, his site does have a lot of information to digest and make your own as a photographer.

The Strobist – If you really want to learn about using light in your photos this is the place to start. Scroll down a bit and use the right side drop downs to read the Lighting 101 & 102 Archives!

DPReview – This is a great place to look up camera and lens reviews. Plus they have a decent forum to glean information from as well!

Chase Jarvis’s Site – A legend of adventure photography. He is a down to earth, inspirational, and really makes you want to run out and shoot anything and everything. Just Google the man!

DIY Photography – Gear costs money, you don’t always make enough to cover the cost of buying equipment. Why not build it yourself when you can?

Thanks for reading!


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