Special Olympics Polar Plunge


Via Flickr:
Various pictures that I took at the March, 2nd 3013 Special Olympics Polar Plunge for Charity.

I bundled up and went to a Special Olympic’s Polar Plunge Event and the event organizers allowed me to go out on the ice with their hired photographer to take pictures when I showed my NYIP Badge and asked if I could take pictures as a student photographer.

It was really fun to do it and wasn’t all that cold as we were blesses with a very light wind that didn’t always blow.

I switched between my 10-22mm and 17-55mm lens as the safety people wouldn’t not let me take my bag with me. So I had to stuff one lens into my life vest I was required to wear on the ice. I wish I had my 70-200mm but I couldn’t carry it.

I will be honest that I could have done better but I was more worried about staying warm and not getting wet as some groups where trying to really get the photogs wet! LOL

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