Action-Stopping Shutter Speeds

Here are some shutter speeds that will give you good starting points for stopping or freezing motion.

The speeds listed assume your subject almost fills the whole frame and is moving horizontally. If the subject you are trying to capture is moving in a diagonal motion or only fills about half or less of the frame then you can cut the speeds by about half.

Subject Est. Mph Shutter Speed
Person Swimming 2 1/250
Person Walking (Slow) 2 1/250
Person Walking (Fast) 3-4 1/500
Person Running 8-12 1/1000
Horse Trotting 9 1/1000
Person Skating 12-25 1/2000
Person Riding Bike 15 1/2000
Horse Galloping 20 1/2000
Train (Slow) 25 1/4000
Person Bike Racing 30 1/4000
Car 60 1/8000
Train (Fast) 60 1/8000
Motorcycle Racer 125 1/8000
Plane Take Off/Landing 125 1/8000

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