Canon T50s Continued — WE HAVE FILM!!!

Film arrived a week early! Five rolls of Kodak 400TX Black and White Film.

After going over the cameras and cleaning them off of dust and such. One is corroded in the battery area and one of the 50mm lenses is also gunked up and hard to turn when focussing. The other camera is in great condition and it’s 50mm lens is also working great.

The plan now is that I’m only going to use the 50mm and carry it around for some street shots. My friend did give me longer lenses but the T50 does not let you adjust the shutter speed your self. If you turn the aperture ring off of the “A” (Automatic) the shutter speed is locked at 1/60 sec. If you have it on “A” then the shutter speed will adjust based on what its auto-exposure system detects.

I’ve read one post thought that you can “trick” the camera into using faster shutter speeds if you choose to use a f/4 or wider aperture in lots of light. I may test this out later but for my first roll of fill I am going to just keep it on “A” to get use to using the manual focus and the camera itself.

Thanks for reading