Goodbye T50 Hello AE-1

After having fun with using my co-workers T50 I went to eBay and picked up a Canon AE-1 for $80.

It has a few dings and the focus screen and mirror was really dusty (like some one left the camera sitting with out a lens of body cap on). After cleaning it out and the lens up there are still a few marks on the focusing screen that look like possible scratches. They are not too distracting when looking thought the view finder, but will look for a replacement screen after testing it out on a roll of film to see if anything shows up on the negative.

I hope this will be a fun walk around camera to play with and learn on as well. Bonus for me is that the AE-1 is fully manual unlike the T50 so I have more control with the ability to set shutter speed as I want now instead of being stuck as what the camera chooses.

The only thing I will have to get use to is the the AE-1 does not auto advance like the T50 did. I’ve forgotten that a few time when testing the camera and making sure it functioned when I received it.

Thanks for reading

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