Extra Items to Keep in Your Camera Bag

Besides your camera, lenses, flashes, lens cloths, and batteries there are other items you should keep on hand and carry with you in your camera bag.

Theses extra items can come in handy when out and about. Some of these items can make the difference between a good shot and a great shot. Other items can make you a hero to the Bride and Bride’s Mother at weddings. There are other reasons to carry some or all of these items when out shooting but I will leave the reasons why up to you.

First to keep the following items all together and prevent them from going all over your bag making them hard to get you will want to get some carry cases like this one at Amazon by Eagle Creek.

Jeweler’s Screwdrivers in different sizes – Great for making sure small screws are tight as well using their smaller size to open small covers that fingers can’t get to.

Hex and Allen Keys – Your light stands and other gear sometimes uses hex bolts or bolts that require an Allen key. Even if you check your gear ahead of time once you get to a location you may need to tighten things back up.

Leatherman Multi-purpose tool – Very useful for various reasons.

Cell Phone charger – Self Explanatory

Small Flashlight – Besides using it for light painting a small flashlight comes in useful when you need to find something in your bag when dark faster.

Pen and Sharpie – Marking Items/Filling out forms such as a model release

Nail Clippers – Break a nail when trying to open a difficult latch?

Travel sewing Kit – Add in buttons, safety pins, bobby/hair pins and you can make a Bride or Bridesmaid day. Makes you look prepared for anything and score bonus points with clients.

Ear Plugs – Especially useful for wedding receptions when the DJ cranks up the volume.

Headache Tablets – Tylenol/Ibuprofen in individual packets. Shooting can be stressful and it’s good to have on hand for you or others. The reason for having them in individual packets is they are sealed and less suspicious compared to pulling out an unsealed bottle.

Band-aids – things happen having a few in case you cut yourself it’s better to have these than bleed over your equipment.

Gaffer Tape – Fix or tie together items quickly. Use it to hold color gels on your flash. Won’t leave residue on gear either.

Garbage Bags – Easy Cover for you Camera bag in the rain. Some rain covers don’t cover your bag fully and these can help. Also they make good improvised rain ponchos.

Zipper Bags (Gallon Size) – Great for keeping smaller items dry and if needed can be used as impromptu weather housing for your camera.

Spray Bottle – Great for faking rain drops on flowers or to get a controlled shiny look on models.

Thanks for reading


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