So you want to shoot a car show?

One of my favorite people to get photography advice from had this to say in a recent DPS post:

1: Your going to be outside shooting at high noon on a sunny day. The WORST time of day to shoot EVER! The dynamic range is going to be hell for you on all those great cars.

2: GET A POLARIZER. They aren’t cheap, but it will make all the difference in the world when your shooting cars. The reflections are going to piss you off like mad. Especially that chick with the hot pink shirt on who’s reflection ruins the deadly black paint job of your favorite car.

Everyone there will be absolutely in love with the car you want to shoot and will be standing 2 inches away from it. There will be so many people in your way that if you get 1/10th of the car without a human in the way you could call yourself lucky. Shoot the whole thing when you can, but when you can’t….


You can’t do anything about the other people, so you’ll have to content yourself with shooting the emblems, guages, curves, wheels ect of the cars. Most people put in a lot of effort to details on their cars, take shots of those. These details are the uniqueness that will set your images apart from those with their iphones cursing the crowds. I garantee you will love the detail shots far, far more than the “whole car” shots. Shooting the details will also help reduce the problem of the extreme dynamic range.

So remember.

1: Polarizer
2: watch reflections
3: details

Good luck!

(Yes this is shamelessly stolen advice from Jason Gendreau. He rocks when it comes to giving photo advice!)

Thanks for reading

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