Still think you need that Pro Camera?

I have often read posts out on the photography forums about people who seem to think that they need to spend a lot of money and get the best “Pro” camera in order for them to be good at photography.

Well this is just not true. They forget that a camera is just part of the equation to get a great shot. It is just a tool you use and that the real key to getting a great shot comes from knowledge, experience and knowing the limitations of the tools you use (e.g. the camera you have at hand).

You can take stunning photos with some of the “cheapest” camera’s out there if you know how to compose, frame and work the lighting you have at hand.

To help you understand that it’s more you that makes or breaks a shot than the camera you use take a look at the videos in the link below where some well known photographers are handed some pretty crappy cameras and they still manage to make some great shots with them.

DRTV Pro Photographer Cheap Camera Challenge

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