I have a new subject to Photograph

You may have noticed three posts showing that I am now a father to a baby boy named Graham. If not then here are the posts:

Graham’s Birth
Graham Posed
Graham’s Initials

Also I have started a blog about him here called Graham Crackers.

(Yes I just did promote my own pictures of my son and his blog!!)

I will warn you now that there are more of him to come in the pages of my photo blog here as well. Since my wife Andrea hates being my subject for photography practice Graham has taken her place (mainly because he can’t say no yet!).

I promise to not make every image I shoot and post here of him, but I will say for the time being and for the next few months he will probably be my main subject while I’m home with him and not able to get out to shoot other things for the time being.

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Analog Exposure Meter

You may recall my post on the Sunny Sixteen Rule a while back.

Now I would like to take this a step further and share with you an Analog Exposure Meter that you can use to get a range of exposure settings you can use when deciding how to compose a shot.

The Analog Exposure Meter was created by a guy named Mathew Cole from Minnesota. There is an excellent description on the PDF on how to use it and why Matt Created it. I highly suggest reading it and using it to help you to learn exposure better.

Link to PDF

Here is mine after getting in laminated with 10mm plastic at Office Depot and drilling a hole for a brass tack to hold them together.

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Grafton Evening

Grafton Evening
Grafton Evening, a photo by je.brewer on Flickr.

Came out of Target while carrying my 60mm macro lens on the camera to see if I would be inspired by anything in the store to shoot while doing some baby item shopping.

As we left the store this is what I saw in the sky. I shot with the 60mm Macro as Graham was not a happy camper and wasn’t about to try and change lenses and reshoot it when we needed to get home to feed him. 

I tried to do a little post processing on it to give it a slightly darker mood on top of the brightness.

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