New lens

I bought the 60mm Macro over the weekend and it was just delivered.

Can’t wait to try it out!
I decided to go with the 60mm over the 100mm because I will mostly use it on my Son indoors and for a few product shots. My current residence does not give me the space to use the 100mm on a tabletop and my back doesn’t allow me to shoot on the floor without much pain afterwards. 
Since I don’t plan on upgrading to a Full Frame camera anytime soon I felt this was a good purchase after much review of all my options. 
I am slowly catching up on my processing of photos taken so far this year so watch for some shots from this lens!
I also picked up a remote shutter release cable and extension tubes but the tubes are going back to Amazon as I tried to save some money with getting a cheap set that almost made my new macro worthless as the adapter ring took a good ten minutes of fighting to remove from the lens!! (NOT GOOD!)
Thanks for reading!

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