Time Out

It is time sadly to take a break from this blog. I had hoped it would not happen but I can not keep up with it at the moment.

If you have been a regular reader you will know that last month my son Graham was born (July 4th). Since then I have had very little time to spend on my photography and creating content for this blog. Now that I’ve returned to full time work that little time I had has become almost non-existent.

Knowing this was going to possibly happen I always tried to schedule posts so that there was a two month buffer. Unfortunatly I was not able to keep that going in June thus I’m now out of content currently to post weekly.

I do not plan on stopping this blog.  I will still post my photos as I take them and  I hope as Graham gets older and less dependent on 24/7 attention  I can return to more regular weekly content posting as well.

Thank you to all that have followed this blog so far and I hope you continue to in the future as well once things get rolling more regularly again.

Thanks for Reading


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