Recent Flickr Changes….

I really dislike the new photo viewer. I stayed opt out form it but it seems you have no choice but to use it now. 

Also ticked off that they cut out the ability to directly share to many blogging sites so now I can’t even post to my blog while still having Flickr host the images.

I guess I will have to just upload directly to Google now instead going forward.

Headshot Practice

Headshot 4Headshot 2Headshot 3Headshot 1


Headshot Practice, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
My Aunt needed a headshot done so she kindly let me practice taking them of her .

This is single OCF set up with a speed light shooting through a 43″ shoot through umbrella.

They turned out OK… but I realize now that I should have brought down OFC to reduce the shadows on the right side of her face. Also I could have set up a reflector as well to diminish the shadow too.

It as a great experience to do and definitely helped me learn something I’ve never done before.