Challenging yourself with Weekly Assignments

Sometimes it is best when learning to not just take pictures at random of different subjects but to have predetermined subjects to shoot. This allows you to focus on one thing at one time in order to better learn.

If you are like me and sometime have difficulty thinking of things to practice your skills on you should find a place that does online photo assignments. One place that I do is at the Digital Photography School. They have a forum with a Weekly Assignment Section. I will admit that I do not always submit every week but I do try to do each assignment.

The assignments run from Wednesday to Wednesday each week. However you actually have a week before  the start of that specific assignment where you can take the photo so that you are not rushing to plan out what you will shoot for the subject of the assignment. They do have rules you must follow for what and how you post images for review by members of their staff. There are a lot of people that do these challenges so it really makes you think about what you submit if you really want to “win”.

There is no real prize other than bragging rights but with all the substitutions and feed back you sometimes get from people on your photo it really does help to boost your confidence in your skills even if you do not win.

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DPS Assignment "Best of the Year 2012" Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2012

Trish by je.brewer
Trish, a photo by je.brewer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Took this quick snap of my sister at the family XMas gathering.

Feeling that I’m still a super-noob with composition and lighting I was really surprised on how well it came out with my on camera speed flash bouncing off the wood ceiling in and attempt to soften the hard evening light coming in the window from the left of the frame.

I’m still learning to use my flash better but this shot shows I’m heading in the right direction.

Now if only I was better at post processing to soften the image up a little…. :p

Used for Assignment DPS “Best of the Year 2012” Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2012