Headshot Practice

Headshot 4Headshot 2Headshot 3Headshot 1


Headshot Practice, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
My Aunt needed a headshot done so she kindly let me practice taking them of her .

This is single OCF set up with a speed light shooting through a 43″ shoot through umbrella.

They turned out OK… but I realize now that I should have brought down OFC to reduce the shadows on the right side of her face. Also I could have set up a reflector as well to diminish the shadow too.

It as a great experience to do and definitely helped me learn something I’ve never done before.

Dollhopf Wedding

DollhopfWedding-158.jpgDollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf Wedding
Dollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf Wedding
Dollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf Wedding
Dollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf WeddingDollhopf Wedding
Dollhopf Wedding, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This was a wedding shoot I did for a Friend of the Family. They just wanted someone to come in and take better than average pictures of the event.

It was fun to do and learned a lot while doing it and it was also great to try and use techniques I have been reading up on and trying out at home.

Unfortunately 3 pictures did not turn out very well and I think what happened is I forgot to turn off the auto-focus and went to take the shot it went slightly out of focus on them. The other thing I might have done is just nudged the focus ring or moved it slightly.

I am happy that the other shots turned out well though!

I honestly feel that it will be a long while though before I agree to do another very small wedding. I want to get more practice with single flash portraiture before I try this again.

Thanks for reading

I want to thank Jill for allowing me to do this for her on her wedding day and giving me the opportunity to learn though the experience of shooting something like this.

Also I want to thank my wife Andrea for being there to make sure I got all shots on the shot list and others that where not.

Update: 2013.06.23 – I recently went through the images and did some touching up to make them a bit better. I didn’t rework all of them I originally posted here in January 2013 just about half of them. This is reflected in the set count of images being only 52 compared to the original 123 i put up previously.

Hunger Task Force


Hunger Task Force, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Photos of volunteers sorting donated food for the Hunger Task Force Eastern Wisconsin and Milwaukee.

Third volunteer photo shoot and honestly I didn’t have the nervousness I had with the previous two.

I felt pretty comfortable moving around the group of volunteers as they worked taking pictures and even felt comfortable trying to get some more creative shots when aiming my lens down the conveyor line.

I am a bit upset at how one of the two group shots turned out where the left side was a lot darker than I wanted even when trying to bounce my flash in that direction to balance the light levels. I did my best in post process to make the image better.

In the end though I am very pleased with how all the shots turned out when using my flash in almost every shot. I must give credit to whom ever pointed me to Neil van Niekerk‘s site because I used Neil’s Black Foamy Thing Idea on my flash to help bounce and direct the light but not blind people that I was close to in the tighter quarters of the work area.

Executive Portraits


Executive Portraits , a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Pictures of company executives that won awards for volunteer work or are being spotlighted for the volunteer work they do.

Being the second time I’ve done any photo work for my employer I was still a bit nervous again. Mainly because these people are at the top of the “food chain” where I work and the last thing I want to do is take a really bad picture of them.

The hardest thing to deal with was trying to deal with all the wood paneling casting a harsh yellow light from all angles.

I didn’t use any flash here and I wish I had to lighten up the shadows from the over head florescent lights in all the pictures.

Ronald McDonald House (2013.01.15)

Ronald McDonald House, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Photos of volunteers making spaghetti dinner at the Milwaukee Ronald McDonald House by Children Hospital.

This was my first “On Site” volunteer photography work for my work’s Community Involvement Volunteer Program. The photo are to be used for “Success Stories” about the volunteers in company for news letters.

I was still getting use to bouncing on camera flash and it didn’t help the ceilings on the second floor of the building where this dinner was. Also the areas was tight with two little kitchens that had shiny tile that reflected everything in them.

As you can tell form the quality of the photos I was a bit nervous taking them and honestly I think they are bad even though they are still usable for what they are intended for.

Not sure why I was so nervous but it was probably because these where complete strangers and it felt like I was working a real photo job. Also there was not much activity to shoot too so I stood around a bit trying to figure out what I could shoot for “Action shots”.

Anyways this was my first Volunteer Photo work and you will see in a later post of another Volunteer job I did the pictures are improved and I can say I was not nervous working around the people to get shots like I was here!

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