Lumu Light Meter

A while back I gave money to a Kickstarter for a team developing a light meter adapter for you iPhone and Android device called Lumu.

Here is a shot of the T-Shirt and Tin the Lumu Came in:

I am looking forward to using it this holiday season and beyond.

I do have two complaints though about the Lumu though.

The first being the little leather case it come in is a pain to close (Hope fully it will get better over time as the leather stretches a bit from use).

Second is that the Lumu team does not have a windows phone app. I love my Nokia 1020 but since I can’t use my Lumu on it I’m forced to carry a second phone which defeats the purpose of having a bought the Lumu over just getting a full sized “normal” light meter.

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Learning To Use Natural Light

While it’s easy to take pictures outside where where is a lot of light. I wanted to try and shoot Graham indoors with using only what natural light came in through our patio doors.

Indoors I’m always tempted to use flash even with ample light from windows to make my images. With these I put away the flash and shot these images.

Two are a little underexposed I think, but I still like the results.

Tummy Time Close

Graham Toes

Tummy Time

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