Headshot Practice

Headshot 4Headshot 2Headshot 3Headshot 1


Headshot Practice, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
My Aunt needed a headshot done so she kindly let me practice taking them of her .

This is single OCF set up with a speed light shooting through a 43″ shoot through umbrella.

They turned out OK… but I realize now that I should have brought down OFC to reduce the shadows on the right side of her face. Also I could have set up a reflector as well to diminish the shadow too.

It as a great experience to do and definitely helped me learn something I’ve never done before.

Graham ‘s Birth

WGraham 5 Minutes OldFestive NapAunt Kerri and Uncle MattEmily and GrahamGreat Aunt SandieAunt Mandie, Emily, and Graham
Graham RestingGrandma AllieFirst Nap On MomIn the WarmerHolding Graham for the first time


Graham ‘s Birth, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The first days of Graham’s Life after birth in the hospital.

Sorry that some of these are more “snap shots” in look, but when your mind is overloaded at the thought your son was just born you tend to forget about using better photography techniques sometimes. 😉

Leading Line Idea


Trying to work out the idea I have for one of the photos needed for my next NYIP photo project.

This didn’t work as I thought it would because of the way the notebook steals the focus from the ribbon too much but I did manage to salvage the shot with a little post processing to make the image work in a different way.