New Photo Project Started

So after this weekend’s road trip to take pictures in Random Lake, WI I’ve decided to start an ongoing personal photo project. This project is called “Small Old Town Wisconsin”. 

These are images of various old buildings and artifacts from around the small and not so visited towns of Wisconsin. The goal is to get images (mainly historical or unique) from the lesser known small towns of the state.

I am purposely going to try and avoid adding images from more well known towns that get an active amount of yearly tourism (think Cedarburg, WI for an example).  

You can follow it here in my new active project page.


Experiments with Film

So for a learning experience I took a roll of Tri-X 400 Kodak Film and shot it as if it was actually 800 ISO. 

I can see how this is useful when shooting indoors as even with my lumu light meter those images exposed well. My problem came if I had the camera outdoors. I couldn’t prevent overexposure it seems (I do not own a ND filter for my film camera).

You can see the results below that I felt were worth to share (both good and bad):


Barn Street Drummer Street Drummer Protest Mother and Son Mother and Son Mother and Son Mother and Son Graham Graham Graham Graham Graham Graham Graham Graham Graham Graham Playing Farm



Ozaukee County Fair

Got out with my wife and son to have a nice quiet walk through the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds this morning before any crowds came in. It was great as we could take our time and I could take pictures without getting in people’s way as they tried to look at animals.

Here is a link to the set on Flickr:


Thanks for reading!